Pump up the VOLUME!

sulfate free and paraben free shampoo and conditioner transports nutrients into the hairs most innermost layers to impart flexibility,give reflective shine and protects it from hair loss.remineralizes the hair to instantly, visibly plump strands and increase diameter.

quinoa protein drives the hair shaft and plumps the hair diameter to create maximum fullness

bentonite clay strengthens and protects the hair, good for colored or un colored hair



does your hair want to be straight or curly

what it is:

Le Duex is a styling product with a split personality,weather your hair wants to be curly orYFH_le_deux straight,  one product does it  all…..

what it does:

sunflower seed extract acts a a UVA AND UVB protectant while preserving radiant hair color

sweet pea protein hydrates and smoothes and defines the hair

magnesium hydrates and improves the elasticity of the hair

how to use it:

straight or curly, dry hair with paper towel or t-shirt( helps to keep the hair cuticle smooth)

get rid of your terry cloth towels for your hair!!!!!!!!!

for smooth hair apply roots to ends and blow dry as desired

for curly hair  apply roots to ends and style as desires , dufuse, twist, scrunch, etc….