what type of brush should you buy?????????

CRM4CR132DCPWSBClassic519The hair brush you use can have a huge impact on your hair’s health as well as your ability to style it. Have you ever wondered what type of hair brush is ideal for your hair type? Check out these professional tips for all hair types and find the brush that’s right for you!
Short Hair
What’s the best option for short hair? A small-barrel brush with boar bristles will easily smooth and styling those short strands. It also works well on bangs if you have them. ANatural Bristle Round Brush with pure boar bristles stimulates your scalp, producing natural oils that add shine and protect your hair.

Long Hair
Long hair is the envy of many and it does give you many styling options, but it can be tricky to keep those long locks in tip-top shape. To avoid snaps, breakage and split ends, consider a detangling brush that will preserve the integrity of your wet hair.

Normal to Thick
If you have normal to thick hair, a mixed bristle brush is a great choice. Boar bristles distribute your natural oils and smooth the cuticle while nylon bristles detangle your strands. A Mixed Bristles brush stimulates your scalp and keeps it healthy while gently detangling your hair.

Natural and Curly Hair
Natural and curly hair need special care. Boar bristles are an excellent choice for shaping your curls and keeping them vibrant while avoiding breakage or other damage from styling.  Boar Bristle Brush is perfect for this task. It conditions and adds shine to natural and curly hair while stimulating the scalp and promoting hair growth.

Thick Hair
If you have thick hair, consider a brush with nylon bristles. They will give you the control you need and detangle your hair effectively,it penetrates thick and curly hair with ease as it also conditions, smooths and adds shine. It also cleans and stimulates your scalp, promoting overall hair health.

Straight Hair
A paddle brush is great for keeping straight hair flowing gracefully, and it works well on long hair too. The square shape promotes a clean, straight line. A Paddle Brush is an ideal choice for detangling and grooming straight hair. Its ball point epoxy tips protect your scalp as they massage it, too, providing a soothing experience as you care for your tresses.

Fine Hair
Fine hair is delicate and vulnerable to breakage, so it requires a soft touch. Seek out a pure boar bristle brush to gently smooth your strands while protecting them from the daily damage that styling can cause.It  penetrates your hair easily while smoothing it and adding shine.
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