helpful blow dry tips……..

here are some helpful tips on how to blow dry your hair , after picking out the right hair products from the shampoo to the styling and finishing products and getting the proper brush for your hair.. these tips will help you complete the styling..

1)shampoo and condition your hair ,towel dry( preferably not a terry cloth towel as this will create frizz), use an old t-shirt or a micro fiber towel, even paper towels work great too..

2) after applying the products on wet to damp hair making sure ALL the hair gets product on it , section the hair into four section two in the front and two in the back…(sectioning from ear to ear and then down the middle of the head front to back )

CR132D3) taking half  inch section, starting in the back ( unless you have a calic you have have to take care go first) pulling the hair straight out from the head as you work your way to the top


5) now that you have finished blow the hair with the cool setting , and the apply your finishing product , finish as desired

everyday miracle treatment

everyday miracle treatment is a miracle in a bottle   this all in one is for all hair types…. moisturizes, detangles,smooth split ends ,blocks frizz an protects against fading ….

the biomineral complex is a silk protein and sericite mica ,silk proteins helps to nourish, repair the hair while the serrate mica smoothes, seals in hair color and gives radian shine

depending on length of hair and type apply desired amount after washing and comb through roots to ends….YFH_miracle_treatment

Pump up the VOLUME!

sulfate free and paraben free shampoo and conditioner transports nutrients into the hairs most innermost layers to impart flexibility,give reflective shine and protects it from hair loss.remineralizes the hair to instantly, visibly plump strands and increase diameter.

quinoa protein drives the hair shaft and plumps the hair diameter to create maximum fullness

bentonite clay strengthens and protects the hair, good for colored or un colored hair



does your hair want to be straight or curly

what it is:

Le Duex is a styling product with a split personality,weather your hair wants to be curly orYFH_le_deux straight,  one product does it  all…..

what it does:

sunflower seed extract acts a a UVA AND UVB protectant while preserving radiant hair color

sweet pea protein hydrates and smoothes and defines the hair

magnesium hydrates and improves the elasticity of the hair

how to use it:

straight or curly, dry hair with paper towel or t-shirt( helps to keep the hair cuticle smooth)

get rid of your terry cloth towels for your hair!!!!!!!!!

for smooth hair apply roots to ends and blow dry as desired

for curly hair  apply roots to ends and style as desires , dufuse, twist, scrunch, etc….



does your hair need a miracle?????

everyday miracle treatmentYFH_miracle_treatment this is a miracle in a bottle, boots moisture,detangles,smooth split ends,block frizz and protects color from fading…..WOW!




YFH_illusionistillusionist spray
bold texture and volume
Weightless spray creates bold texture and volume
Long-lasting hold
Use on wet or dry hair to enhance curl or wave
Color safe

Biomineral Complex
Bentonite Clay – Volume, texture and strength
Sesame Seed Protein – Penetrates, nourishes and protects